Chet Zar - Painter of Dark
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Solo Exhibitions

Stranger Factory (NM)- "Le Petite Mort"

Last Rites gallery (NYC) - "Faces of Death"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "The Left Hand Path"

Last Rites gallery (NYC) - "Endarkenment" - Solo Exhibition of New Works
Yves LaRoche gallery (Montreal) - 4 person show

Copro Gallery (LA) - "Lilith" Solo Show
L'Imagerie Gallery (LA)- "When Worlds Collide" (with James Zar)

Strychnin Gallery (UK) - "Ugly American"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "We Are the Shadows"
Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle) - "Postapocalysm"

Strychnin Gallery (Berlin) - "Stranger"

Copro Gallery - "Addicted to the Good News"
Thinkspace Gallery - "ODD" (with Lola)

Cannibal Flower - Featured Artist

Collective Minds Art Gallery - "The Artwork of Chet Zar and Cam de Leon"

Group Exhibitions

Copro Gallery (LA) - Conjoined - in 3D! - Dimensional group art exhibit curated by Chet Zar

Last Rites Gallery (NY) - 3rd Annual "13th Hour" Group Show
La Luz De Jesus Gallery (LA) - "Lowbrow Tarot Show"
Last Rites Gallery (NY) - "Lead Poisoning" Group Show
Meltdown Gallery (LA) - "A Mute of Hounds" Group Show
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Metamorphosis" beinArt Surreal Art Collective Group Exhibition
C.A.V.E. Gallery (CA) - "Repeat Offenders" 2 year Anniversary Group Show
Hell City Tattoo Festival (AZ) - Live Painting
Visionary Art Expo (NJ) - Live Painting
(Denmark) - Imaginiere III show
Copro Gallery (LA) - Hi-Fructose 5th Anniversary

Visionary Art Expo (Miami) - Live Painting
Nucleus Gallery (LA) - "October Shadows" Group show
Strychnin Gallery (Berlin) - "Magistrates" Group show
Copro Gallery (LA) - "The Monster Show"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Overdose"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Superschool"
Alternative Cafe (SF) - "This is the End"
POVevolving Gallery (LA) - "Movers and Shakers"

Copro Gallery (LA) - "Good Samaratins"
Congregation of the Forgotten Saints (LA) - "Artcore"
Corey Helford Gallery (LA) - "Clowns!"
Rivet Gallery (OH) - "Noxious Fumes"
Last Rites Gallery (NY) - "The 13th Hour"
Laguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach) - "In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor"
Gallery 1988 (SF) - "Paper Pushers"
Gallery 1988 (SF) - "Everyone In Together"
L'imagerie Gallery (LA) - "Carnivora: The Dark Art of the Automobile"
Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle) - "A Cabinet of Curiosities"
Last Rites Gallery (NY) - "Transgressions"
Merry Karnowski Gallery (LA) - "Brad Benedict's Sideshow"
C-Pop Gallery (Detroit) - "Carnivora"
Kenneth Chapman Gallery (NY) - "Deep Pop"

Harolg Golen Gallery (Miami) - "Subjective Reality"
Ghettogloss™ Gallery (LA) - "In The Mix: The Effects of Pop Surrealism on Mixed Media"
The Hive Gallery (LA) - "November Group Show"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "The Talking Board Show"
Limited Addiction Gallery (Denver, CO) - "Sanctuary" (4 Person Show with myself, Lola, Kevin Peterson and Nathan Spoor)
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Devlish Greetings"
Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle, WA) - "Amazing Visions"
Hangar 1018 - "Cannibal Flower 7 Year Anniversary Group Show"
Copro Gallery - "Next Gen - Art for the New Aeon"

Copro Gallery (LA) - "Nostradamus - Three Waves to the Apocalypse"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "15 Year Anniversary Group Show"
Gallery Nucleus (LA) - "The Chubby Bunny Show"
Gallery Nucleus (LA) - "Power in Numbers"
Cannibal Flower (LA) - Group Shows
The Hive (LA) - Group Shows
Hangar 1018 (LA) - "The Max Live Painting Show"

Copro Gallery (LA) - "New Blood" (Three person show with Pooch and Dan Qunitana)
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Downside Up/ Upside Down"
Copro Gallery (LA) - "Bergamot Invasion"
Cannibal Flower (LA) - Group Shows
Art Annex (LA) - "The Painters Showcase"
Hangar 1018 (LA) - "Grand Re-opening Bash"
Angels Gate Cultural Center (LA) - "History of San Pedro Punk Art Show"
Hangar 1018 (LA) - "The Max Live Painting Show"
LA Art Fest (LA) - Downtown Arts Festival
The Hive (LA) - Group Shows
Track 16 Gallery (LA) - "Eye of the Illuminati"
Deity Group Presents (LA) - "L Salon Show II"

Bluespace Gallery (LA) - "HalluciNATION"
Hangar 1018 (LA) - "The Max"
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LA) - LA Fly-By
Cannibal Flower, Create:Fixate, The Lab 101, and Transport Gallery (LA) - "Six Degrees"

Copro Gallery (LA) - "The Haunted Doll House"
Cannibal Flower (LA) - Group Shows